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What do I need to know about roof insurance? Do I need it?

Written by Cecy Serna at Affordable Roofing of Texas.

Leaking roof , Calling insurance and roofers. What do I need to know.
Roof Insurance, what you need to know.

Insurance typically covers damages to your roof that have been caused by fire, malicious destruction, and/or natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme precipitation, etc. As practical as it may seem, a lot of homeowners are often skeptical about getting roof insurance. The most common reasons are that they believe insurance is too expensive, they don’t think a time will ever come when they will need it, or they are afraid of being scammed.

Insurance companies have a wide range of prices, depending on the kinds of damages they’ve come across with their previous clients. It’s possible that some may ask for an arm and a leg from you, which can be very off-putting. Then there is the very limited number of damages your roof has suffered in your lifetime. You think back through it all and wonder if the amount of money you would be spending on insurance would even be put to good use since nothing too serious has ever happened to your roof before. Not to mention the number of shameless roofing companies out there, whose only interest seems to be getting as much money out of you as they possibly can by scaring you into believing that everything that could possibly be wrong with your roof, is actually there. All of the points for skepticism are valid, however, they also make good reasons for getting roof insurance.

Having insurance means you won’t be burdened when unexpected events that bring harm to your roof occur. There is no way to control natural disasters, so you can never be sure if your roof will be okay when they hit. The saying, “It’s best to have it and not need it, rather than needing it and not having it,” could not be more true in this kind of scenario. It’s an investment that will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. Insurance can cover something as simple as a leaky roof to something as unpredictable as fire damage. By having roof insurance, you also protect yourself from having to deal with roofing companies that may try to take advantage of you. A simple phone call to your insurance company will guarantee you a reliable roofer who will visit your home, inspect the damages, and provide you with an estimate.

When you hire a roofer it’s important that you employ one who deals with insurance. As experienced as your roofer may be, there is no guarantee that they won’t misjudge a situation and accidentally fall or hurt themselves while they’re installing your shingles. If your hired roofer is not insured, you could be held accountable and possibly be expected to pay for any medical costs. An insured roofer is also a good sign of working with proper safety standards and knowing building codes. When you hire a contractor with genuine insurance knowledge, it’s unlikely that they will overcharge you because they are familiar with most insurance policies and know how much they can cover as well as supply you with an estimate. It also shows they are legitimate and take their work seriously.

In short, the doubts homeowners may have about getting insurance should not stop them from making the right decision in adding that kind of coverage to their roof, the very thing that protects them and their family from outside forces. Having insurance will grant them financial relief, a defense against scammers and natural forces, as well as peace of mind.

At Affordable Roofing of Texas we have over 30 years experience with insurance companies and repairing damaged roofs. We have seen many scenarios from storm to heat damage. It is always important to do your research before hiring any roofing company. If you are looking for a quality roofer in the Texas Hill Country , reach out to us today!


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