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Below are some common questions we encounter when it comes to roof replacement claims

  • Why did I receive a check that was less than the cost of my repair?
    The insurance company will do a holdback of some of the cost of the repairs, called depreciation. The homeowner must first complete the repairs to the home to be entitled to the depreciation.
  • Do I have to get multiple estimates for the insurance company?
    No, you do not. As the homeowner, you have the right to choose the contractor you prefer, as long as your contractor's pricing is within fair market value. At Affordable Roofing, we use Xactimate Software to arrive at our pricing. This is the same software almost all insurance companies use. This makes it much easier to deal with insurance companies allowing the homeowner to avoid conflict or surprises during the claims process. ​ Getting multiple bids and choosing the cheaper contractor is only saving your insurance company money. It isn't doing you, the homeowner, any favors. Cheaper contractors are most often using subpar material, labor, or generally cutting corners somewhere. Your contractor's main concern should to give you the best job at an affordable price, not to give you the cheapest bid.
  • What is the difference in Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value?
    Actual Cash Value is the value of your home in its current condition, taking into account the age and wear and tear on the home at the time of the damage from a storm. ​ Replacement cost value is the cost of actual repairs to be made to your home at the current time, based on market values, material and labor costs to repair the damages at today's prices.
  • How firm is the adjuster's calculation of my replacement cost?
    There are many variables in the adjustment process. Calculations aren't set in stone. In fact, it is fairly common for your contractor and adjuster to reconcile issues. Throughout the process, Affordable Roofing of Texas will supplement all missing and needed items, leaving the deductible and any upgraded items to be the only out of pocket cost to the homeowner.
  • Is it okay to have the contractor cover your deductible?
    Absolutely not. The State of Texas passed HB2102 into law as of September 1, 2019. It is now a criminal offense for the contractor to cover a deductible. HB2102 is very clear in that contractors, and homeowners alike, who are caught cconspiring to cover deductibles will both be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for engaging in this practice. This can result in jail time and fines for both parties.
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