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What are the Five Longest Lasting Types of Roofing?

Planning to get a new roof installed on your property? Choosing the right type of roof that offers durability is surely a difficult task, right? Not every individual is aware of the ins and outs of roofing. Don’t worry! This article provides you with a sneak peek into some of the finest types of roofs that deserve due consideration.

The Composite Shingle Roof

This conventional roof design is very common in residential properties and comprises a base mat, asphalt on both sides, and granules on top. You would witness this roof over various properties every now and then.

The modern versions of this roof are made from fiberglass that make it super lightweight. The maintenance and installation work becomes easy for such roofs. The average lifespan of these composite shingle roofs is about 30 years. These slight, yet durable details make this roof a good option to consider for your next roof installation.

And when it comes to cost, these composite shingle roofs are affordable compared to other roofing options.

Wood Shake Shingles

With an average life spanning to 25-35 years, this wood shake shingle roof is an elegant and durable roofing option for homeowners. Aesthetic enthusiasts consider this roof their prime choice due to the conventional woody texture and appeal of this roof.

What makes these roofs last longer is the thickness of their shingles. Excessive exposure to heat and sunlight diminishes the longevity of roofs. The thickness of this roof prevents the material from degrading lesser than other types of roofs.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

This roofing option is gaining a massive popularity among the property owners, thanks to the highly durable raised mechanical seams on these roofs that offer a long-lasting performance. These interlocked seams add to the appeal of these metal roofs.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal offered by these roofs, the longevity of these standing seam metal roofs is the stand out feature among the residential clients. The average life of these roofs with concealed fasteners is about 40 years.

Clay Tile Roofs

Many people draw in-depth comparisons between metal roofs and clay tile roofs. But clay tile roof clearly beats the metal roofs in terms of longevity. You might have witnessed rustic red or brown earth shaded clay tile roof in your neighbors.

What’s the standout features? Well, these roofs are renowned for their average life spanning up to 100 years in ideal weather conditions and regular maintenance work. Good ventilation between the tile spaces also reduces the transfer of heat into the property.

Slate Roofs

Here comes the #1 choice for the clients that opt for the best and most durable roofing option. If you are planning to install a roof that almost lasts a lifetime with minimal maintenance work, then slate roofs are the perfect option.

The durability of slate rock makes this roof last longer than any other roofing option. Slate roofs are expensive, but save roof replacement and maintenance costs to a large extent.

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