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Gutter and Gutter Guard Information

  • What are gutters for?

  • Gutters are troughs that are placed beneath the edges of a roof in order to catch and carry off rainwater to keep it from damaging the foundation of a home.

  • What types of gutters are there?

  • There are a number of gutter options, but the four major types commonly used in homes are:

  • Fascia

  • K-Style

  • Box Gutter

  • Half-Round

  • What are gutter guards?

  • Gutter guards serve as a kind of cover for gutters and prevent debris from getting into them.

  • How much do gutters cost?

  • You should expect to pay somewhere between $500 and $8,000 for most jobs. The average price per linear foot is between $4 and $13. You may not be able to change material prices, but you can reduce the overall pricing by installing the gutters yourself.

  • How much do gutter guards cost?

  • The typical cost per foot could be between $0.50 and $10, however, that depends on the material you want to use. For an average-sized house with about 200 feet worth of gutters, plus installation fees, would be somewhere between $300 to $2,000, again, depending on the material you want to use as well as the installation difficulty.

  • When should you clean your gutters?

  • You should be aiming to clean out your gutters at least twice a year. Once during the spring and again in the fall, before winter hits. That is, unless, you live in a home surrounded by a lot of trees, then you should aim to clean out your gutters a lot more often than that. Check them every month or so just to make sure you are cleaning them enough and then adjust accordingly.

Written By Cecy Summers

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